about Pianova

A safe way to buy pianos and grand pianos!
How does the PIANOVA.COMmunity work?

Piano retailers and piano manufacturers, musicians and piano teachers have joined in the PIANOVA.COMunity bringing together similar interests and providing contacts: Your online service company for all piano matters.

The PIANOVA.COMmunity is:
  • Internet-platform for purchasing and selling pianos, grands and accessories.
  • Network for all playing music, retailers, manufacturers, teacher and musicians.
  • Search tool for Piano teachers and music schools, piano tuners and piano transporting companies.
  • Site for information, stimulating ideas and assistance round about piano playing.
The PIANOVA.COMmunity signifies:

Service free of charge, no risk.
Warranty, service and individual advice by expert retailers or experienced piano manufacturers.

The PIANOVA.COMmunity is assisting you in your delicate/sensitive search for “your piano or grand”.
The Piano manufacturer, master piano craftsman or trained expert retailer are selecting especially for you a range
of high-quality pianos and put these individual offers online with the Community.
Consequently, you will receive a unique overview about pianos and grands and lateron will get individual and reliable advice from your retailer.
Proceeding this way, buying a piano will be the beginning of true love and not bitter disappointment.

PIANOVA.COMmunity stands for:
  • Buying pianos without any risk by means of competent advice and service through retailers.
  • On the site of PIANOVA.COMmunity you will find the biggest worldwide assortment of pianos and grands.
  • No matter, if you are looking for a cheap instrument as a do-it-yourselfer or an especially high-quality new concert grand piano, you will find everything on this site.
You have most individual requests?

Keep on cutting down your search for your piano.

You would like to keep your search radius within a reasonable distance?

Use the comfortable radius search tool.

You would like to know if your retailer can offer a wide range of a specific brand?

Look at “all your retailer’s offers”.

There are several models of your piano available?

Each retailer or piano manufacturer is working out his personal piano, the same piano does not exist a second time. You will find the individual strengths of each instrument in the details to every instrument.

You have found your instrument?

Fantastic, but what to do now? Get in contact with the correspondent retailer and ask for a presentation or performance.

What about the price?

In case of new pianos or grands he informs you on the spot about the manufacturer’s mainly non-binding price recommendations.
Naturally, each piano retailer needs to do his own price calculation.
You will receive your individual quotation in a personal meeting on the spot which surely can in all respects keep up with the so called “best price” Internet offers or other offers available.
Furthermore, the Community stays your after-sales contact partner and offers you expert advice and technical skills in the following years.

If anything does not work out to your complete satisfaction or in case you have any remarks or ideas to place, we look forward to hearing from your soon

PIANO-Community GmbH
CEO: Michael Blümke
Tel: + 49 (0) 177 3212797
Fax: + 49 (0) 208 33062
Email: info@piano-community.de